A safe space to share your inner self and support your inner circle

60 seconds a day to better mental health

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I onboarded my team onto WeTree at 3pm, everybody completed their first pulse by 5pm, and the very next day I was able to address a critical issue that otherwise would have gone undetected. We got our ROI for the entire year in the first 24 hours.

Troy Blackmon, Founder, Legacy Farm Group

Share Your Inner Self

Take your daily wellbeing pulse. It’s takes 30 seconds, and is proven to produce greater wellbeing over time.

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My mental health journey led me to write a book about it and I realized that was only the beginning. People are hungry to talk about mental health, they are just waiting for you to go first.

Lorenzo Gomez III

Support your Inner Circle

See how your friends, family, and close connections are actually doing. Celebrate their victories, and support them in their challenges.

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As somebody who helps a lot of people navigate their mental health and fitness, what I love about WeTree is that it surfaces the critical conversations that need to be addressed. It makes my life as a coach and leader so much easier.

John Cunningham, Mental Health Engagement Coach

Get Better, Together

When you share your inner self and support your inner circle, everything that matters gets better.

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The Mental Health Engagement Company